JW Mountain Pack

Price: Pozovite EUR
Contact • Main fabric: 100% Polyester
• Liner: 100% Polyester
• Shovel - tube / blade: Aluminium
• Shovel - handle: Nylon
• Shovel: Powder coating
• Probe: Aluminium tube with steel wire
• Probe: Anodized coating
• JW Mountain Pack is a hybrid backpack specially designed for free riding.
• The backpack can be used as a tunnel bag.
• It’s compatible with tunnel attachments
• You can easily remove the backside by zipping it on and placing it in the small pocket on the side.
• Then you will have the function of a backpack. The pack has two main compartments.
• The front compartment contains a shovel and a probe.

1 Black/Asphalt J1717-207 2 Black/KnockoutPink J1717-651 ONE SIZE
• The back compartment can be used for packing your stuff. It has two exible mesh pockets on the backside.
• On the top you have a smaller pocket lined with velour, for your goggles.
• The zip sliders can be locked together with a small snaplink to avoid the sliders to part when riding.
• (Snaplink is not included)
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